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Richard Townsend

Adding to what Garth says, I also have found the US Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis, VA (Newport News) to be helpful. I went there several years ago and, among other things, they had several Army rail cars outside. I remember a single-dome tank car especially, but there was quite a bit of other equipment there as well. Looking at Google Earth, I don't see the cars stored outside, but there appears to be anew building with RR tracks entering it, so I'm guessing they are displayed inside now. But they also have a library and a helpful staff. I recommend a visit highly. Canadians and other foreigners: give them at least 45 days notice of your visit. All: be prepared for a brief but rigorous screening and vehicle inspection before you're allowed onto the base.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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As a former librarian, I would be remiss if I didn't remind all of you that training, maintenance, and shipping manuals for military rail equipment were printed by the War Department and later the DOD. There are U.S. Government Depository Libraries in every state which hold these materials. The University of Virginia (where I worked) was one such library, and although not all the manuals were in their collection, there were still quite a few of interest. The War Department series would be of great use to some on this group. Also of value is the Army Corps of Engineers "Port Series" books, which have detailed information and maps of facilities (including railroads) at US shipping points, and have been updated regularly since series began in the 1930s.

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