Re: FW: strange freight car photo

Todd Sullivan


It is a bit mystifying, but I'll hazard some guesses.  It looks like some track work is in progress: note the siding on the right with the rail removed and the rail lying between the tracks.  The boxcar without initials could be an MoW or track supplies car.  It looks like the owner initials were painted out.   The photo must be pretty old, since there are no tie plates on the ties and the boxcar has brake beams on the ends of the trucks. 

The figures in white look to be 3-4 women and/or girls.  There are two men off to their left - relatives, chaperones?  It could be a Sunday afternoon and they are just out adventuring.  When I was a young kid, I loved to drag my babysitter down to one of the rail yards in Providence.  I'd climb on the cars, walk around on the tracks, see what freight cars were there, etc. No trains moving, so no danger, although it made my sitter nervous.

Todd Sullivan.

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