Re: FW: strange freight car photo

Eric Hansmann

The image is dated as 1905 on the description page.

The end of this car reminds me of a fast freight line car from the 1880s.
The NYC painted cars a straw shade for one of their fast freight lines.

The image description also notes a relocated line for a 50-inch pipe but I
can't determine where this would be. I wonder if the far right railroad
tracks (the one with only one rail) is being removed to make way for this
relocated pipe line.

Tis a good mystery.

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

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What is the provenance of this freight car? And why does it not have any
reporting marks?

And what on earth is going on down the track there; figures in white doing

Photos of reality sometimes challenge belief....

Elden Gatwood

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