Re: Throwback Tuesday: MDC "Old Timer" Freight Cars

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Charlie and List Members,
Yes, correct ID on that.
I'm quite happy with it, good runner after I did some work on it.
Claus Schlund

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Wow!!  A rare Bachmann C16a !!!

Not too many of these made it to North America!  

Almost as rare as the Rivarossi C16!!!

Charlie Vlk


Hi George, Garth, and List Members,


George is completely correct, the MDC 36ft cars generally work very well for my chosen 1929 era.


George is also correct in that the 'ancient Arnold/Rapido Iron Mountain stock car' make a very nice model, my rendition can be seen in the image linked below...





Claus Schlund






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If I recall correctly, fellow N Scaler Claus' Approximate Time Period more closely aligns with the October 1919 ORER, which shows 290 cars in the Clinchfield (CC&O) series 2400 to 2699. 

I have the Stock Car Cyclopedia Claus mentioned-- I believe that I found it at an Ollie's (!) as part of their remainder book pile.  It has a large number of photos and some familiar names among the authors-- John Nehrich and Martin Lofton, for example.   I can't speak for the MDC model, but there are prototype photos for two other N Scale offerings-- the ancient Arnold/Rapido Iron Mountain stock car and the Micro-Trains 35000/035 series Despatch Stock Car, which is a New York Central rebuild as previously noted here and elsewhere.

George Irwin
"I still don't know what I don't know about freight cars"

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