D&RGW coal train, which cars appropriate?


Hello friends,

please allow another dumb question from a freight car newbie. Part of my "mixed freight" is a cut of D&RGW drop bottom coal gondolas, up to date 13 of the 47' type offered by W&R several years ago. I am assuming that just this one car type would be very unlikely to see and therefore I am looking for other cars to add variety. But I don't know enough to decide which available cars can be credibly painted D&RGW. I recall a posting on this group several months ago that most or all D&RGW's gondolas were special in several details and proportions.

The following drop bottom type gondolas are available (in brass, which is mandatory for me for this train):

USRA composite side drop bottom:

GS composite side:

UP G 50-7:


SP G 50-9:

SP G 50-12:

Is there any model in this list which I can use to make a D&RGW car? And what would be the major changes to do?
Yes I did try to search information, but did not find anything definite. Red Caboose once offered both a wood side GS and a steel side GS gondola lettered D&RGW - but I just don't know if these were correct considering the fact that most all manufacturers were/ are offering "foobies".

I found this photo:

Described here as a 46' type, but if you use "Back to D&RGW Freight Cars Page" you will find it listed as a 40' car (scroll down to the end of the list) - what is correct? To me it looks very similar (please excuse me) to the UP or SP models offered by Challenger.

I would appreciate any kind of help.

Many greetings

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