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Sorry to correct you, but D&RGW 72000-73699 were 46-foot inside length cars, according to my 1958 ORER and Jim Eager's RIO GRANDE COLOR GUIDE TO FREIGHT AND PASSENGER EQUIPMENT (see page 77).

According to Eager, Rio Grande's 40-foot, 10-inch GS gondolas were all built by Pressed Steel Car Co. 46000-46499 were built in 1947-48 with Improved Dreadnuaght ends and Duryea Cushion Underframes. 46500-46999 had PSC's own 4-rib proprietary end, and with an even 45-foot overall length certainly were Duyryea-equipped. In 1949 they were followed by 47000-47999 with conventional underframes and the PSC end, coming in at an even 44-feet. A car from the latter group is shown on page 76 of Eager's book.

I'm a bit dubious about the Duryea Underframes on 46000-46499--they were only 43-feet 5-inches long overall, shorter than what would be typical of a Duyryea Underframe, and actually the shortest of the three groups.  Could the ORER length be wrong?

Could you build any of these with a Red Caboose kit? Possibly. A Duryea Underframe isn't all that hard to do from styrene strips, though you would need good information to get it right, since it would be very visible on these cars. The 47000-series would probably be the easier because you could use the kit's underframe. The PSC proprietary end AFAIK has never been done. This end possibly could be built up from styrene, though the car should have a load to hide the flat inside end.

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On 2/9/19 4:28 PM, vapeurchapelon wrote:
Hello friends,

please allow another dumb question from a freight car newbie. Part of my "mixed freight" is a cut of D&RGW drop bottom coal gondolas, up to date 13 of the 47' type offered by W&R several years ago. I am assuming that just this one car type would be very unlikely to see and therefore I am looking for other cars to add variety. But I don't know enough to decide which available cars can be credibly painted D&RGW. I recall a posting on this group several months ago that most or all D&RGW's gondolas were special in several details and proportions.

The following drop bottom type gondolas are available (in brass, which is mandatory for me for this train):

USRA composite side drop bottom:

GS composite side:

UP G 50-7:

SP G 50-9:

SP G 50-12:

Is there any model in this list which I can use to make a D&RGW car? And what would be the major changes to do?
Yes I did try to search information, but did not find anything definite. Red Caboose once offered both a wood side GS and a steel side GS gondola lettered D&RGW - but I just don't know if these were correct considering the fact that most all manufacturers were/ are offering "foobies".

I found this photo:

Described here as a 46' type, but if you use "Back to D&RGW Freight Cars Page" you will find it listed as a 40' car (scroll down to the end of the list) - what is correct? To me it looks very similar (please excuse me) to the UP or SP models offered by Challenger.

I would appreciate any kind of help.

Many greetings

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