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Dave Bayless

Hi Andy,

Is # 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 or 8 still available? Might be interested is a few.

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I have nine cars which were partially or totally built kits from a recently deceased friend. His quality was very good. Priced to reflect the non-original unbuilt kit condition. Shipping of $4 and up will be added to the purchase prices. The original boxes are in good near-mint shape.




1) Intermountain 450505-06 WFE steel sided ice bunker reefer WFE 68198 Early lettering scheme "NEW 4-41" Car has had the underframe built with air hoses and brake gear. No trucks $10

2) Same, #-07; WFE 68215. Underframe as #1, attached to car body roof and details remain undone.  No trucks $10

3) Same, #-02; WFE 68036. Mostly finished, needs roof attached and last two hatches attached. Has stick-on weights and Kadee couplers installed. No trucks $10

4) Same as 3), #-03; WFE 68073. Needs roof attached, corner roof grab irons and last two hatches attached. No trucks $10

5) IMWX HOBNH096 '37 AAR New Haven box car. NH 30096 blt 9-41 w/ scriptive full spelled out name. Nearly fully  Built and new 7-47. Kadee couplers, sprung trucks, aftermarket weathered wood deck. Built, needs roof attached and one broken corner sill step replaced. Has laser cut wood floor and stick-on weights applied to the interior. Has Kadee couplers. No trucks  $10

6) Proto 2000 #21043; NYC Greenville 52' gondola. Assembled from kit. NYC 712507 Has weathered after market wood floor attached with heavy weight conceled under it.  Has spring-plankless sprung trucks $14

7) Front Range #4091; GN #13278 combo door 40' riveted box car. GN Vermilion Red w/ E.B. style of spelled slant serif "Great Northern". Sprung trucks and Kadee couplers. Weighted. $14

8) Same as 7) GN #13275.   One Kadee coupler has popped loose.  Has weathered after market wood floor installed interior between door openings. Sprung trucks $15

9) Walthers #932-2156; Assembled GN 6 panel single sheathed wood box car with wood ends. (Fooby) Sprung arch bar trucks and Kadee couplers.  $7


I accept checks and money orders. with a small fee I accept PayPal contact me off-list for details.<midcentury@...>


-Andy Carlson

Ojai CA

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