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Nice model. Your photo shows the big difference from the Ulrich/Walthers UCR model--the sides curve inward just above the winding mechanism. On the U/W car they are straight, so my car would just be a stand-in. I always planned to repaint it anyway.

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On 2/11/19 1:25 PM, SHAY STARK wrote:
I have attached a picture of a UCR GS gondola that I kit bashed out of the Details Associates Composite GS gondola many years ago. I built two that I shortened the doors in the kit and used them and then I built this one which I just used a styrene floor in place of the doors. You cannot tell the difference when it is on the track and it cut a couple hour out of the construction. The decals were a combination of Champ and Walthers. I have about four of five others started along with the similar 36 foot D&RGW GS Gondola and will complete them the same way without the doors. I will also put together artwork for accurate decals. I have just been waiting to get over to the Loveland area to get a few measurements off the last remaining car that I am aware of so that I can get some of the details a little more accurate. they are really neat cars.

What many people don't realize is that Utah Railway had another batch of all steel GS gondolas that were constructed by Ralston several years prior to these cars. They had straight sides with a very different operating mechanism for the doors. My understanding is that there were not doors over the trucks and so the ends of the car would have to be hand shoveled. Once the new cars came the old cars seem to have been quickly removed from service as pictures of them are very hard to come by after the mid 20's. One car was painted white and was used to advertise clean Utah coal. There are pictures of the "ghost" gondola in coal yards in California and Washington in some of the early trade magazines.

Shay Stark

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