Re: bonsallscalecarshops D&RGW Gondolas

D. Scott Chatfield

Corey Bonsall wrote:

>The Monarch branch had 300
of the offset 70000 series gondolas renumbered to the 80000 series in 1956 for the standard gauge conversion, and had the "Monarch rock service only" stenciled on them.  I imagine the 40 yr rule had them gone in 1962 though....


There was no such thing as a "40-Year Rule" in 1962 (it was phased in starting in 1973), and it would only apply to cars used in interchange.  Cars in dedicated on-line service would not be affected.

Now I could point out that the CF&I mill at Minnequa was served by its own switching railroad, the Colorado & Wyoming, but two railroads could (and still can) agree to interchange equipment that was otherwise banned from _unrestricted_ interchange.

Scott Chatfield

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