Re: Throwback Tuesday: MDC 50 ft SS Automobile Boxcars


Regarding the use of MDC underframes to donate to MP steel 50' double door cars. this is really a simple swap.  The underframe is narrower and shorter than the Proto car, so I used shims on the sides and ends.  I added basic brake detail and rodding, and changed the angle of the crossmembers so the ends are hidden behind the sidesill.  One reason this is necessary is that the reinforcement under the door for both series of MP cars is shorter and narrower than on the model.  All cars had steel grid roofwalks -- I used a Kadee walk on the 88400 series car that stayed in freight service but haven't done that on the express cars yet.  The 88150 series express cars had Commonwealth express trucks with no snubber and plain bearings.  This is the Athearn BX express truck.  It will need at least one Kadee washer.

The underframes I used had a bit of a bow to them, so I glued .250 square tube to them to straighten them out.  The photos illustrate the trimming of the sidesill reinforcement.

Ron Merrick

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