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gary laakso

What is the very unusual load in the gondola in the picture?  Think rolled steel?


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock


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Bill as far as I know, the cars had rectangular panel roofs. This one does.


On 2/12/2019 9:10 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:


I posted this question a short time back an it is p mb e of the very few times that I did not receive a response.  I am doing a Sunshine kit of a Southern Pacific A-50-16 40' auto car.  It has been in my pipeline for a while.


This is a good thing as I assembled  the body with a flat panel roof.  I recently learned that the car needed a diagonal panel roof and Andy Carlson came to my rescue.  I remember receiving some information earlier that the kit under frame was not correct.  Can anyone direct me to some accurate information an the under frame (cross members and appliance) layout.


I hope to have better luck this time.


Bill Pardie



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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