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Paul Woods <paul@...>

John, are you sure about the flat black thing?  All the builders photos I have ever encountered for which the colour of the loco is actually described, from various different builders, have talked of being painted 'photographic gray' to make the details visible, not black.

Paul Woods

---- On Thu, 14 Feb 2019 07:15:01 +1300 John Hagen via Groups.Io <> wrote ----

Yes, the only time I’ve seen really “flat” has been on some builders’ photos of Alco steam locos. They would paint one side black and photograph that side so all the “detail” would show in the photo. After the photo shoot the loco would be returned to the paint shop to have glossy paint applied. I do have some of those builders photos.

I believe this was done by other loco builders too.

John Hagen

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