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On 2/13/2019 7:13 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:
but only two are "white washed" for a photo. (see attached)

On the other hand, this tank car photo - GRCX 3200 - appears to be a black car that has been oversprayed
with something to make all the details visible. (see attached)

    While I don't doubt any of the explanations for the pictures. I am interested in the first  2 of Tim's photos.  Why is the lettering black.  Did they spray it with wash off paint to have the black letter remain?  As the pictures are trimmed around the car, if the car was very dark and the lettering was white, then a reversed neg (with a good person doing the print) would come out as the picture shows.  If you notice on the gon the track is all drawn  in.  There is a lot more done on these photos (by expensive people) then just gray, washable paint.

  The 3rd pictures makes sense for an overspray.  Before retiring I worked for a company that had photographic engineers that could do magic (I saw some of it) with B&W negs!

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