Re: Tichy 52" War emergency gondola kit

Walter Cox

Thanks Ben,
I model CN so I'll be needing GTW and some of the more northern of the other roads. The F&C kit should cover the rebuilds.

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Walt Cox asked:
"All the recent posts on Gondolas made me think of the Tichy War Emergency kit and whether any of the roads that had them would have not replaced their wood sides with steel by 1959. Does anyone know of a resource that I could refer to to find out if this model could be used on a 1959 dated layout?"

Richard Hendrickson had a two-part article on these cars in the May 2002 and June 2002 issues of Railmodel Journal, including photos of NYC, PRR, ATSF, Texas & Northern, CNJ, RDG, RI, GTW, and IHB with steel sides.

Ben Hom

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