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Ta-da! Formerly at the museum in Noblesville, Indiana. I don't know where the car is now, as the museum was removed from the property several years ago.

There is a color photo on page 28 of John Henderson's CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS, V.3

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On 2/17/19 1:54 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

URTX 37000-37499 and 37500-37974 are identical EXCEPT for the door height - 7'0" vs 7'6".

No difference in inside height.

I have 10 images of the MILW 37000-37499 reefers on my hard drive, but have NEVER seen a picture
of any of the 37500-37974 series.

Tim O'Connor

This large series of cars, built by GATC for Union Refrigerator Transit, was as far as I know leased to MILW in its entirety. It's interesting for the horizontal seam carside construction, and the Duryea underframe combined with diagonal panel roof.  Other series of URTX cars with 33'-2" inside length show as 43'-5" outside length.  Is it fair to say that all these cars also had Duryea underframe?

The Jan. 55 ORER shows URTX 37000-37499, with a total of 450 cars.  These are the only cars I see with these exact dimensions. The 37500-37974 are six inches higher in IH and door height.  Were they otherwise similar?  Most of the photos I see on line are of surviving cars in museums, by the way.

I presume these cars were used for potatoes, fruit and other agricultural shipments, plus perhaps beer.  Were they sent around like other reefers to wherever the crops were in their particular season?

Going through the Refrigerator Car Color Guide and similar sources, there are some photos of very similar cars that could be modified from this one.  Similar in that they have the Duryea underframe, the same ends with just one small dart, horizontal sheet sides, 4' doors that go to the top of the sides, and in some cases where the roof is visible, the diagonal panel roof.  These other cars have sidesill tabs, or in some cases, a continuous channel sidesill, that could perhaps be modified from the old Walthers car.  They seem to have the same underframe/sidesill configuration that the Swift car recently discussed had.  Some are RSM, which is interesting because I thought that meat-rail-equipped cars usually had doors that were a foot or so shy of the top of the side.  Some appear to have been built late enough that the route car boards are in the low position.

Ron Merrick

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