Re: URTX 37500-37974 Refrigerator


Illinois RR Museum has 37190, 37241, and 37312, all 1948 products.

Monticello RR Museum has 26010 and 16012

National Transportation Museum has 37144 and 37467

I have photos of all.


J. Stephen Sandifer


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There is this one, of URTX 37889:

It does appear to be identical to the 37000-37499 series.  This may not be true for all cars of this series.

These cars, when new, apparently had black hardware, and the MILW tilted box with the full roadname spelled out.  Repaints got the sides painted all orange and with the later tilted box 'the MILWAUKEE road'.  This fit nicely between the top Z-bar and the horizontal seam, with some room to spare.  At some point, some cars got a bigger tilted box, which was then rotated counterclockwise so it would still fit on the flat part of the upper side, and the lettering went uphill.

The 38000 series, built later, had a 6' plug door on a similar body.

Ron Merrick

Ron Merrick

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