Re: URTX 37500-37974 Refrigerator


So just to summarize and close this topic out, and a continuation of my last post, the 37000-37499 and 37500-37974 do appear to be identical, built about two years apart.  Some offline discussion says that the cars were all built with tabbed sidesills, and they were modified later to straight sidesill.  So the Walthers car, if upgraded with the extended draft gear that is appropriate for a true Duryea underframe, pretty much represents these two series and probably nothing else.

To me, one of the biggest drawbacks to building a bigger private owner reefer fleet is the lack of decals.  Not that hard to cobble together decals for most any reporting marks on plain black tank cars, but not so a reefer with large colorful individualized lettering.  I haven't even been able to find an appropriate lettering style to renumber the models I have from the factory applied lettering.  This, again, is a bigger problem for reefers because, unlike free runners where if the car was too rusty or vandalized to read the numbers, any local rip track could re-apply the reporting marks and number with any stencils they happened to have, these cars were normally only maintained by a specific shop who had specific lettering standards, and, in that era, were actually intent on having the cars look good.

Ron Merrick

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