Re: Throwback Tuesday: Rail Road Progress Hopper Kits

Garth Groff <sarahsan@...>


You are right about the rivets. The side stakes appear to have rivet detail, but there are no rivets along the end slopes on the sides, or on the ends where the end sheet joins the slope sheet. I'm sure there are a lot of other places where rivets are missing. Yes, one can use Archer rivets.

If I needed one of these cars for a specific prototype and nobody else made them, I might buy one at a train show. As it is, pretty much all of my hopper needs have been filled.

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Garth Groff

On 2/20/19 11:41 AM, jerryglow2 wrote:
I seem to remember they were lacking rivet detail. Easily solved now with Archer decal rivets..

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