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Marty McGuirk


If no one else has expressed any interest, I'd be interested in the series on Pennsylvania and Maryland logging railroads. 

Marty McGuirk

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My father, James Montgomery, 81, has been a lifelong rail nut. Why do you think my infection is so bad? He has amassed 1000's of issues of every magazine about railroading, going back to 1912 as far as I've seen. He had a website buying and selling them, but those days are over. He is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and has decided to down size into a smaller home. So, my inheritance  consists of truck load after truck load of books and magazines, most of which I don't have room for. Maybe if I took down my home layout and put in floor to ceiling book shelves, I might have a chance. But who wants to do that? My extra bedroom is already the library and I'm trying to figure out how I can put another layout around the room over the book shelves.
So, I would like to judge just how much demand there is for what seems to me, to be some fairly rare stuff. At least from a west coasters perspective. I've decided to keep everything that pertains to western railroading until I can read through it and keep the best stuff. The rest is up for grabs.
Any of you easterners have a desire for a series on logging railroads of Pennsylvania and Maryland?

I have books 1, 5-9 on Pennsylvania and two copies of 'Tall Pines and Winding Rivers', about Maryland. All are in great condition. There's a ton of photos in them of turn of the century freight cars, so Mike, don't be too mad at me. Here's one that I've never seen before in the attachment below.
If any of you have been looking for an issue from some obscure magazine and haven't found it, let me know. I might come across it in one of these truck loads.
Allen Montgomery



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