Re: Proctor & Gamble Tank Cars

Spen Kellogg <spninetynine@...>

On 2/21/2019 3:59 PM, Bill Keene via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Bob,

I can not add much about the tank cars… others are more tank car
literate than I am… but can offer some info about the ship…

The photo must have been taken sometime in the 1930s and it appears to
be somewhere on the Mississippi River. More of a guessing game on this
data. Wonder if the contents are being loaded or unloaded from the
ship. Also what those contents might be.
The cars were carrying some kind of vegetable oil, most likely palm oil,
although coconut oil is also possible. Some of those tank cars (the ones
with the high running boards) were probably built in the first decade of
the 20th century. I would guess that they were 8,000 gallon MCB Class II
cars built around 1908 by ACF Milton. Note the early number on the
nearest one.

Spen Kellogg

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