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Nelson Moyer

Pierre doesn’t give the roof length but it’s probably for a 40 ft. box car. The 6000 series roof is 41 ft. 6 ¼ in. to make the two end panels long enough to accommodate the hatches (the car is 41 ft. 5 in. long; 42 ft. 9-7/8 in. long over the running boards). I don’t think the YMW Murphy flat panel roof will be long enough, besides, it lacks the flairs on the outside ends of the seam caps shown in the drawing, and the end panels are the same size as the others, leaving no room for the ice hatches. I need a better match.

Nelson Moyer

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The roof in question is the SRE Murphy Solidsteel roof of the 1920s. 11 seam caps, and ten panels (12 counting the end panels with the hatches).
Easiest starting point would be the Yarmouth "Murphy flat panel" roof:

David Thompson

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