NKP 70000-70499

Dave Nelson

I have only three photos on hand of the 1920’s era NKP 70000-70499, one of those gondolas that look like a flat car with an open top wood box set on it, held in place w/ side stakes.


My first question is about this feature: I expected to see a bulb angle on the top of the car sides, much as you would with an all steel gondola, but best I can tell from the three photos it looks like either no steel at all or perhaps a small L angle or possibly a small C Channel (if there is steel on the inside).  By small I mean maybe 2-3 inches of descent from the top of the car side.   Or possibly no steel at all.   What is really there? 


The other question is about what passes for the steel side sill.  It appears to be a straight surface from the bottom of the floor to the lowest edge.  There is a row of rivets about 2 inches from both top and bottom edge.  This suggests to me that what one sees here as a large hunk of steel is just a thin web concealing the strong structural shapes behind it. Does that sound right?


Dave Nelson

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