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Guy Wilber

An excellent overview of Chrysler truck development:

Guy Wilber
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On Feb 24, 2019, at 6:11 AM, Garth Groff <sarahsan@...> wrote:


After I posted, I looked at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum site, and discovered that WP MW 0220 still exists in their collection as 20806: . You can clearly see the Chrysler attachment points. They've made an attempt to repaint this back to its original silver-with-orange-feather scheme, but it's been going on for years.  I remember seeing this car when the paint was fresh. They are, after all, a volunteer group.

That said, they also have re-renumbered 20807, which appears to have ASF A-3 sideframes without attachment points: . Well, the WP was never consistent about anything. This car is in the post-1957 small-feather-scheme used on most 40' compartmentizer or load restrainer boxcars. They orange-and-silver paint didn't hold up well, and their flagship cars had become an embarrassment by the late 1950s.

The WPRM has a really nice collection of some very rare freight cars, many of which can be seen at . Enjoy the pictures.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

On 2/24/19 7:49 AM, Garth Groff wrote:
Andy and Friends,

The Western Pacific experimented with Chrysler trucks under their Compartmentizer-equipped PS-1 boxcars. The first group was 20801-20820, soon renumbered 19501-19520. They were delivered new with Compartizers in 1951. According to the only equipment diagram I could find for these cars, they had the ASF A-3 truck sideframes that the WP favored. However, they definitely came on Chrysler trucks. I have a Will Whittaker print showing brand-new 20803 in 1951 on Chrysler trucks. I also have 19510 on Chrysler trucks. The only equipment diagram I could find for these cars does not mention Chrysler trucks for this group: .

In 1952 the WP pulled 22 more cars at random from their regular PS-1s and had Pullman rebuild them with Compartmentizers. They returned as 19521-19542, and all but one were on Chrysler trucks (19537 had Timken roller bearings in what appears to be standard ASF A-3 frames with the journal box lids removed; it was a test car and show-boat that was displayed at the state fair with the famous "Roller Freight" herald). At least one of these survived in MW service into the 1980s on Chrysler trucks, though without the snubbers. Since I am just savvy enough to be able to tell an arch-bar from a roller bearing truck, you tell me if that is an ASF A-3 frame in the attached photo. If it is an ASF A-3, then these trucks were available with other than Dalman sideframes.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

On 2/23/19 9:46 PM, Andy Carlson wrote:
I have thought that the TMW Dalman 2-level would be a good start, as the side frame has a wide spring area, which the Chrysler trucks also feature.

I have not gone that far yet in testing this kitbash.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

On Saturday, February 23, 2019, 5:36:08 PM PST, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:


There is no "correct" truck for the Chrysler sideframe. Just use one
that looks close.

On 2/23/2019 6:26 PM, spsalso via Groups.Io wrote:
> I've received my parts for the Chrysler truck conversion.  The part
> includes the shock absorber and two of the truck springs.  It's
> obvious that the part slides into a newly created void in the truck.
>  My question is:  Which truck?
> I'd prefer not to guess.  I assume the part was designed to fit a
> particular model.  So I'm asking which one.
> Edward Sutorik

*Tim O'Connor*
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