Re: Modeling Those WLE SS cars w/7-ft doors


Attached is a photo of the finished car. The idea was to more-or-less-replicate the photo of W&LE 27439 in Corns, "Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway", vol 1, p 58:  only not quite so beat-up. Body paint is Scalecoat II BCR; reporting marks and dimensional data are mixed-and-matched from the three Tichy W&LE sets; the patch paint is MicroScale red decal film; and the weights come from a Tichy D&RGW boxcar set. (Reweigh location is Salt Lake on the Rio Grande.) Speedwitch chalk marks. The fading of the paint, and the layering of the stenciling and chalk marks which is noticeable in the prototype photo, were modelled by applying alternate layers of decals and weathering. Bragdon (mostly) and A.I.M. weathering powders.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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