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Thanks for the tip. I was looking at other features, and totally have missed the spring base on the ASF A-3.

I appreciate learning about this.

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Garth Groff

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That truck looks to me to be a standard Chrysler truck. It has nothing which would appear to make it an ASF A-3. A quick A-3 spotting point is the spring retaining base area of the side frame casting. It is very pronounced and extends outwards in a circular arch. This is what makes ID'ing Barber S-2s and ASF A-3s simpler for us modelers (Thanks Brian Leppert for this suggestion). This truck is at the Portola, CA WP museum up in the Sierra Mountains.
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In 1952 the WP pulled 22 more cars at random from their regular PS-1s and had Pullman rebuild them with Compartmentizers. They returned as 19521-19542, and all but one were on Chrysler trucks (19537 had Timken roller bearings in what appears to be standard ASF A-3 frames with the journal box lids removed; it was a test car and show-boat that was displayed at the state fair with the famous "Roller Freight" herald). At least one of these survived in MW service into the 1980s on Chrysler trucks, though without the snubbers. Since I am just savvy enough to be able to tell an arch-bar from a roller bearing truck, tell me **********

if that is an ASF A-3 frame in the attached photo. If it is an ASF A-3, then these trucks were available with other than Dalman sideframes.   **************

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Garth Groff

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