Re: Chrysler Trucks (was Twin Star Cars)

Richard Townsend

Try under an Intermountain R-40-10 express reefer.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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I have to admit that I have not followed this thread very closely..  This morning, however, something rang a bell.  A Cardinal Rule that I adopted years ago in this hobby is that if you come across sometrhing you might remotely need in the future buy it and tuck it away, because when you decide you want it it, will be long gone.  Such is the case with a pair of brass Chrysler trucks that I bought on E-bay a few years ago. Subsequest to reading this thread this morning I got the trucks out.  THEY ARE EXQUISITE.  I don’t know who the importer was or what car they might have come under.  The trucks have code 88 wheel sets and the brake rigging is the most complete that I have seen on an HO truck.

Now, what to do with them.  I seem to recall that they were used under some PFE refers.  My modeling interest is the Southern Pacific between 1946 and 1956.  Only suggestions on how I might put them to use?

Bill Pardie

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