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Nelson Moyer

Given the number of other bits of misinformation in recent Sunshine instructions and PDSs for kits I’ve built, I’ll go with boxcar red. I’m sure Martin went with the best available information at the time, but these were early kits, and I suspect there wasn’t much reliable prototype information available at the time they were produced. I gave up on the 6000 series option because no roof is available, and I didn’t want to invest the time required to scratchbuild one. The series 8000 car is ready for priming, and the 17000 series car is getting brake detail today. As near as I can determine from photos, the 8000 series cars had the major brake components mounted in the space between the center two cross bearers, while the 17000 series had the brake cylinder mounted in the center space and the air reservoir and control valve mounted in the next space back from the center space toward the A end. This latter arrangement is consistent with the MM drawings of NRC 2217 as well as a photo of 17000. Otherwise, the cars were apparently identical. That’s something to watch for, as the instructions show the latter brake component arrangement for both series cars.


Nelson Moyer


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Nelson, I have not seen any photos or top side DVDs with metallic roofs for these cars.  Roger knows far more than I, so mine will be painted red as built.  I found my 3 kits this week.


Gary Laakso


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Sunshine instructions and PDS state that the subject car’s roofs were painted aluminum color when built, and boxcar red when repainted after WWII. Roger Hinman’s MDT book states that what appeared to be aluminum paint was really photo airbrushing to better show roof detail in builder’s photos. Which is correct?


Nelson Moyer


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