Re: Throwback Tuesday: MDC 50 ft SS Automobile Boxcars

Ken Adams

Thanks for everybody's input. 

Looks like I am left with a choice of removing and replacing the doors with steel panel doors and building it into a proper WP car or cutting off the fishbelly side frame  extension and creating an MP car. It would be harder to justify an MP car arriving with a lumber load at the Adams Lumber Company in Walnut Creek (no relation but it really existed according to the Sanborn map) about 1950 than a WP loaded car which would have been interchanged to the SP at Antioch for a short destination switching move of 15 miles. I am tailoring my freight fleet around what would actually have been seen on moves on the SP San Ramon branch 1947-54. That means I won't go out and buy everything I I have limited storage in a townhouse/apartment.

Then again I am fascinated by the technological achievement from Yarmouth with those wavy looking sheet metal car sides.  Problem is they will look out of place alongside cars with flat sheet metal sides. Or make the flat sides look toylike in comparison.

I will store the car unmodified and will trade it at the June BAPM if anyone wants it in exchange for a steel door WP 50 foot OB MDC car. Not worth the postage for a long distance swap with an MP fan.

Ken Adams

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