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Richard Townsend

The stock car is good for a Milwaukee Road stock car. There was an article in Mainline Modeler years ago about that. The gondola is a good model of an Erie car. Both are available now from Mantua, I think.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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I've occasionally seen the Lindberg switcher at train shows, and scored one of the rather oversized cabooses to get the end platforms/steps (parts still in my stock), but have never seen any of the other freight cars. Has anyone ever run across these? Were they ever re-issued by somebody else? The stock car looks like it might have conversion possibilities.

I think I still have at least one pair of the Lindberg trucks floating around someplace. They were among the best rolling trucks of their era.

Now here's something to ponder. A.C. Gilbert of American Flyer fame also tried their hands at HO. Most of their stuff was the same tooling as Marx (and  IIRC is still available from Model Power). Most Gilbert was really low-quality junk, but when I was a youngster I had two Gilbert 50' fishbelly flat cars that were quite different. Except for the trucks and horn couplers, these were one-piece cast metal and had some pretty good detail, plus enough weight to keep them on the track. I keep an eye out for these at train shows, and may be tempted if I ever run across any again. They might be worth upgrading.

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On 2/26/19 7:08 AM, Benjamin Hom wrote:
Lindberg ad, Model Railroader, December 1962.

Ben Hom

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