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Charlie Vlk

I had similar experiences at the Illinois Tech Model Railroad Club c. 1964-5 when the Lindberg trucks first came out.   There were few places on the club layout that a car equipped with them would “stay”…compared to the MDC, Athearn, Varney, etc. trucks that most of us had they were fantastic!

Not a freight car, but I had a AHM Pullman equipped with Con-Cor metal wheelsets….once the brake shoes were ground down to clear the proper 36” wheels the car was about as slippery as a freight car with the Lindbergs.

Charlie Vlk


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When they first came out, back in the early 1960s, I was a member of the model railroad club at the Air Force base in Rantoul, IL.  I bought and assembled the early version of the Con-Cor air slide hopper.  The inside of this car was solid metal with plastic sides.  The car was so heavy that the only trucks that would roll under it was the Lindberg trucks.  I remeber one siding we had that ran down a long grade into a lumber yard and we cut the car off at the siding.  It got away from us and rolled all the way down the siding and ended up on top of the track bumper.  Those were the days


Larry Smith


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I believe the Lindberg trucks are still available. Didn't they came in Ribside Cars kits? I threw them out anyway...Were the Mantua 'Heavies' Lindberg cars?
C W Propst

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