Re: to UP fans: -B-50-25 Express Box - converting "back" to normal box car?

Ed Hawkins

On Feb 28, 2019, at 10:26 AM, vapeurchapelon <j.markwart@...> wrote:

I still need more 40' box cars, and I consider purchasing this one:

Was the prototype always an express box car, or was it a conversion out of an ordinary freight car? If the latter - would it be possible to backdate it with reasonable effort? What exactly makes this an express box car? The two most obvious details I could tell are the steam line and the type of trucks - both easy to remove/ replace. Would it then be just a usual freight car (which class?)?

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The following link provides history & data on the B-50-25 box cars that began in 1939 as UP 9100-9199. RP CYC Volumes 6 and 8 also provide information & photos. In addition the UPHS has published articles in The Streamliner on UP express box cars.

This data should provide sufficient information to answer all or most of your questions. Suggest coming back with specific questions you may still have after reviewing the link. 

Ed Hawkins

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