Re: Throwback Tuesday: The Lindberg Line

Schleigh Mike

Hello Group!

Perhaps worth repeating now----- I spoke of the current availability of the former Lindberg trucks (E+B) back in August.  Here's what I posted----

"The old C+D (actually E+B) truck line has a new owner via email [jmcncorp@...].  The previous owner supplied wheels at 0.100 and 0.088 inch width and this MAY still be an option.  The new company has an ad in the August issue of the NMRA Magazine.  These are sprung trucks in three styles and two colors.  They are very free rolling with the Intermountain wheels and axles.  I cannot speak to the veracity of these trucks meeting any particular prototypes."

An update to try August post---
With an order I then subsequently received I was told that the new owner is making his own wheel sets.  While he supplied me the 0.088" wheel-sets, you should check on this being an available option.

Mike Schleigh in Grove City, Penna. struggling to retain winter.

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, 10:41:52 PM EST, Ken Vandevoort via Groups.Io <apo09324@...> wrote:

E-B trucks are Lindberg.  I was told that at a trade show by the fellow that reintroduced them to the market.  Nothing rolled like them when they first came out.  I also have a switcher and a couple of the stock car kits.
Ken Vandevoort

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