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You didn't state whether your intent was to create straight, 2 bend, 4 bend or 6 bend grabs, nor if you were going to round wire. 

Then there is the end treatment process. In the wire world it's referred to as heading up. Basically there isn't enough metal in the ends to create the end, so you heat up the end crunch in some extra steel and then hot form and punch the ends. 

I work in 1.5 inch scale and have produced these by the hundreds using mostly sheet metal equipment and 3/32 Dia steel wire. 

Tool and die work and 3D are not words I normally use in the same sentence. 

Mark Landgraf
Albany NY

On Fri, Mar 1, 2019 at 9:43 AM, Craig Bisgeier via Groups.Io
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Hey folks - I'm thinking about designing a tool for bending grab irons that can be 3D printed. I know that Micro-Mark has a tool for sale, and I could use that as a starting point. But I thought I would open this up to the braintrust and see if there are any thoughts on designing such a tool that doesn't necessarily follow that model. 
What I'm looking for is something adjustable and repeatable that allows grabs to be sized to any length, or at least many lengths. It should have a feature that alows the user to set a particular size with a groove, stop or fence that the user can place the wire against and bend many grabs to the same size without guess work. 
I have some ideas on this of my own but I'd like to see what others can come up with. If someone can help provide useful ideas that lead to a workable tool I'll gladly provide them with a finished copy of the tool when the project is completed.
Any ideas? Please share them with me!
Craig Bisgeier
cbisgeier -at-

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