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Douglas Harding

Bryian, Oscar Meyer, like most meat packers, leased meat reefers. They leased reefers from a number of companies through the years, including Mather, NWX (North Western), National, MDT and URTC. Attached are a few photos. There is one photo in Gene Green’s Color Refrigerator Car book and a number of photos in Kaminski’s Billboard Refrigerator Cars.


Al Westerfield indicated that URTC records are extremely difficult to research. So it is difficult to know exactly how many URTC cars Oscar Mayer actually leased at any one time. By the mid 50s you would be seeing steel sided reefers in meat service, including some leased by Oscar Mayer. And remember that GATC acquired URTC in 1929, after that date most new URTC cars followed GATC designs.


in HO good quality wood meat reefers include the:

Red Caboose 37’Mather meat reefer, once offered in Oscar Mayer

Rapido 37’ GATC meat reefer, was offered in Oscar Mayer

Atlas 37’ GATC meat reefer, based upon a Cudahy design

I am not familiar with what is available for steel sided cars.


Lettering is available from Clover House and Tichy Trains.


Doug  Harding


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Hi All,


I'm looking to start a build project to model refrigerated cars that wore the Oscar Mayer Paint schemes in the mid 1950's

I would like to get your input on the following:


  • Sources for reference material
  • Photos
  • Accurate models or good starting point suggestions.


Thank You,


Bryian Sones

Union Pacific Prototype Modeler

Murrieta, CA

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