Re: Mystery Ribbed FCM Automobile Boxcar

Garth Groff <sarahsan@...>


My 1958 ORER lists them as FCM 3500-3599, with 70 cars in the series. They are in English dimensions 40'-6" IL, 8'-6" IH, 3012 cubic feet, with a 12'-5 1/2" door opening. No loaders are mentioned. Series 9500-9599 with a total of 15 cars have nearly identical dimensions except for door width, and might be derivitives/rebuilds. I tried to blow up the photo, and think the build date might be 12-34, which would be appropriate for the 4/4 Dreadnaught ends. Note the radial roof, which appears to be corrugated metal. The left truck is missing both journal box covers on the side toward the camera.

It is an interesting car, but probably would not have run in the US due to the metric dimensional lettering.

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Garth Groff

On 3/1/19 11:12 AM, Miles C wrote:
Stumbled across this neat ribbed FCM Automobile boxcar this morning, and I'd like more information about it. 

-Who built these, and when? 
-Did they find themselves in non-auto service (or auto parts service) after boxcars fell out of favor for carrying assembled autos?
-When were the majority of them retired?
-Were they in dedicated service or did they roam? 


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