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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Don and List Members,
For whatever it is worth, it was not me who said the black paint began in 1942. Not saying it did or didn't, jut that I myself simply don't know.
Claus Schlund

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Hello folks,

     The color for me on D&H Seley hoppers is not an issue, the numbering and lettering pattern has been. But Armand you 
surprise me. With 15 years on me you must remember these cars in an oxide red color which Al Seebach (O&W Car Shop)
states with the instructions for the decals supplied for his imported brass D&H Seley hoppers that they were red until being
repainted from 1960 onward. You really surprise me, Claus, with the statement that the black paint began in 1942. I would 
be very surporised to find it was used before the end oif WW II and suspect 1960 is closer to the mark IIRC even the Athearn
34 ft. twinn hoppers were painted an oxide red color. Yes, I know, that's Athearn but I doubt they were far off on that particular
model. Mine are all red and will remain that way until all are lettered, receive loads and are weathered. 

    Thanks to all who havce helped with this project, Don Valentine

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