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Over 50 years ago I was a member of the West Essex club.  Members told me of the evening Paul Mallery came down to show the X2f coupler he had developed.  Members told him there were only 2 things wrong with it: it didn’t look like a coupler , and didn’t act like one.  Never the less, for those of us who were frustrated, trying to fit Roundhouse couplers into Mantua boxes, it was a God send.  It made train sets more available to young kids – and still does.  If they continue in the hobby, the kids switch to Kadees or equivalents.  Mallery was and odd duck, but he did more for model railroading in the 50s and 60s than most. – Al Westerfield


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Ah the joys of X2F couplers. Early Kadee's were way too expensive for me as a teen modeler in the late 1950's.


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