Looking for more information on NRC 19220 Refrigerator Car



I've been researching and modeling the Georgetown Branch of the B&O Railroad for about 20 years. The era I'm modeling is ca 1945-55. I have a question about a refrigerator car that appears in a photo that was shared with me some years ago. The photo (attached) is dated July 1956 and shows N.R.C. Refrigerator car 19220 in the yard in Bethesda, MD. (the car is noted as being unusual, as there weren't too many industries receiving refers in Bethesda). I'd like more information, details and possible resources for the modeling this car in HO scale. I spoke with Ted C. at the Feb Timonium show and he mentioned using an Intermountain car and a Branchline Trains roof & ends. I also checked out the NYC RR Historical Society and found a couple close matches, but nothing too detailed. Any specifics, background, plans or guidance would be helpful! Here is the original photo scan of the car:

I've also cropped and lightened it a bit in Photoshop to get some of the detail out:

I'm new to the list, so forgive me if this is something that has already been discussed. I'm a bit fascinated and overwhelmed by the level of detail I'm finding as I read through everyone's posts and replies. I am really enjoying it.

All the best,
 - Ben

Researching & Modeling the Georgetown Branch of the B&O RR

Ben Sullivan
Brookeville, MD

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