Re: Weighing steam era freight cars

Jake Schaible


I'm a bit uncertain what you are asking, given the terms you use.  So for to get clarity on terms as well as history, I suggest you delve into the literature and catalogs of the major track scale manufacturers, starting with Fairbanks Morse.  (Ex.

Once you find a type that meets your needs, you can find detailed common standard drawings using such in the collections of many various railroads.  For example, the Santa Fe was a user of F-M scales and created many drwgs and track charts incorporating the F-M equipment.  If drawings are your need, get a copy of "Santa Fe, The Chief Way Reference Series, Vol one" which provides explicit details and dimensions of foundation, track layout and all other critical items for two models used by the Santa Fe, including a 46' 100t (F-M type F), 50' 150t, 56' 150t, and 66' 150t (the later 3 using the F-M Type S).  

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