Re: Scratchbuilding a car in styrene

Dennis Storzek

.010 square styrene is something I longed for for years. Not only useful for little hardware items like nuts but also window muntins. The trick is going to be slicing off accurate .005 long slices.

As to the dimensions of structural steel shapes, it depends... on whether you are trying to build models better than what is currently available, or just different prototypes. If just different, just measure other models and copy them. Someone else has already done the research.

If better you need to do more research. "Three inch zee" isn't a full description. Structural steel is typically designated by the height of the section and it's weight per foot (unlike rail, which is weight per yard). You need to find a general arrangement drawing that calls out the steel sections. From memory car posts were typically 3" x 6.7 lbs. Z. Armed with that info, Google "structural steel sections" and you should find a bunch of published tables that give all the dimensions. You will also find out how much thinner than you imagined everything is.

Dennis Storzek

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