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In addition to Andy’s kit there was an article on gthese cafs in Mainline Modeler.

Bill Pardie

On Mar 6, 2019, at 8:52 AM, Fred Jansz <fred@...> wrote:

Dear Garth,

you're not bursting my bubble at all.
1. I model/collect 1950
2. According to my ORER there were 122 Pullman-built cars in service in 1950; 26001-26125.
3. only 35 of these were in bulk plaster (gypsum) service, running from the plant in Empire to WP interchange in Gerlach, NV, to wherever the customers were located.
    20 equipped with 4 roof hatches and 15 with 2 hatches for bulk plaster (gypsum) loading. Some had removeable bulk heads installed.
4. in 1968 -52 years old- they were still going strong, according to another ORER.
5. Peter Arnold pictured 26019 in revenue/company service in 1974 and others were in service in one way or another untill the end of WP itself (1983). See Jim Eager, page 19.

Fred Jansz

Photo © Bob Larson, Oakland 1970 <WP26072_Bob Larson_1970.jpg>

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