Re: Looking for more information on NRC 19220 Refrigerator Car


Thank you to the couple folks who reached out in assisting with identifying the MDT NRC refrigerator car I inquired about. I think for now I will go with an Intermountain R-40-25 Refrigerator Car, as this closely represents the era and needs of my prototype. I'll keep gathering info and seeking out the books that were mentioned. In searching I also noticed that there is an article from the NYC Historical society referenced: "MDT Refrigerator Cars," by Roger C. Hinman, Central Headlight (New York Central Historical Society), 2nd Quarter 1998, p.13; I wonder if this would be of help. 

I also noticed that the photo in the post was a lower resolution than my original, which you can find here on my website: NRC #19220

I've got some leads. Thank you!

Ben Sullivan
Brookeville, MD

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