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The MDT articles at my disposal (Hinman and Rydarwicz) do not mention Duryea underframes. That said, according to a document posted on the Steam Era Freight Cars web site ( ) MDT 9476-9477 and leased IC 51000 were retro-fitted with Duryea underframes as part of a test.

The four MDT cars were M6-2 design from lot 844 built as MDT 94759-8874 sometime between 1947-1950. My two sources don't cover the IC leased cars. These MDT cars were very similar to PFE class R40-23 (Intermountain or Athearn), except for the ends which Hinman says were 4/2/1 (from the drawings with his article they look like 4/3 and are closer to the incorrect Athearn 4/3 ends than Intermountain's correct 3/3).

The Steamtown car has Despatch ends which in current modelers' nomenclature are 5/2/S. Only the 1951-1954 M6-4 cars had these ends. Hinman's article in the May 2002 MM is accompanied by a scale drawing of this class plus he offers a nice low-level shot of NRC 19122 from the same group. Both the plan and the photo do not show any indication of a Duryea underframe.  Based on the evidence, I cannon support the notion of a Duryea underframe on the Steamtown car.

I do not own the Signature Press MDT book. Perhaps someone with a copy can comment on any mention of Duryea underframes.

I'm still hoping for a number for the Steamtown car. Has the car been restored, and has anyone here photographed it in recent years? Of course, I should ask if anyone squatted down to see what sort of underframe it has. I suppose I will have to go back to Steamtown someday and do my own crawling around.

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Does it help to identify the reefer if it had a Duryea underframe?

I believe as built the feefer had a Duryea underframe.

Bob Witt

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