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Douglas Harding

It was possible to zoom in on the image and do a screen save. Lettering is readable. See attached.


Doug  Harding


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Wow, this is a photo I thought I would never see.  I was beginning to wonder if the car had ever been built.  This model (S scale) is based on the first published article by Chuck Yungkurth, in 1954.   Chuck went on to publish numerous articles until his passing. I was fortunate to meet Chuck some years ago at the Colorado Railroad Museum where he volunteered.


Chuck said he had never found a photo of the prototype, nor who had owned these cars.  Some basic diagrams of the car were all he could find.


I started this model in 1964 at the age of 13. At that time I constructed the tank out of copper pipe, the dome out of brass, and the ends out of heat formed acrylic. The frame is wood shapes, as styrene shapes were not available then.


52 years later, I decided to complete this car.  I had to guess as to the rivet patterns.  Now with this photo I can do them right.  I never finished because I hesitated to guess at the brake layout.  And I'll get to make a few other changes, like a second brake wheel, and are those folding stirrup steps?  Looks like the grab irons shown on the diagrams did not make it to the real car.

Wish I could read the fine lettering.  But at least I now have a photo and know the car actually existed.

Steve Wolcott

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