Re: Private Name SS Box Car 1536

Lester Breuer

Jim to answer your questions. 

1.  I use both PBW and Detail Associates wire both.  I have both in stock.  The PBW easier to obtain and more cost effective if that is a concern; however, not easier to bend.  The brass wire is softer making it easiest for bending.

2.  The uncoupling levers ( cut levers) are on the car in the posted photo.  Not easy to see.  On the blog the “B” end photo was taken before uncoupling levers added; however, the levers are on the car in service “B” end photos.  Since I can not cut off trip pins as I have an operator that can not uncouple cars without them in an ops session  I choose to keep them.  And, because I keep the trip pins I do not like adding the brake hose detail, in my opinion, you have the look of an express car with two sets showing.  I am not a fan of the two hose look.

Take another look:

3.  The car in the posted photo is weathered as are the in service photos of the cars on the blog.  I like subdued weathering and therefore, I keep the weathering on the light side.  The paragraph above  the in service car photos state the cars are weathered in Pan Pastels and colors used for the weathering are specified.

Again please take another look  at the blog link in 2.

Hopes I have answered your questions.

Lester Breuer

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