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OPPS!  My bad,


The Carl Shaver book containing information on the flatcars, is actually:


Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Cars 1937 -1946 , Copyright 1980, 1989, and 2014, Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc.


Hope I got it right this time.


Mea culpa!


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Claus Schlund passed along the nice link to a C&O 125 ton flatcar:


“Hi List members,

 Nice image of a C&O six-axle heavy duty flat in what is clearly the steam era on the Canadian National.

Claus Schlund”


Some more information which might be of interest, from the C&O equipment diagram dated 1956:


Cars were numbered 80950 through 80959, built by Greenville Steel Car Co.  in November and December 1941.


They had completely flat wood planked decks made of “2 and 3/8 inch square edge oak”.


Length over strikers was 56 feet 8 and ¾ inches. 


Actually, Carl Shaver's FREIGHT CAR EQUIPMENT OF THE CHESAPEAKE & OHIO RAILWAY, AUGUST 1, 1937 (revised ed., 1989), does show these cars, on pages 192 and 193.  He notes there, that the last cars were retired in 1975.


About the well hole flats,  Al Kresse mentioned also that some them went to the NY Central – Carl’s book says these were car numbers 80976 and 80980, sold to the NYC in Feb. 1950.



Steve Busch

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