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John Hagen <sprinthag@...>


No blasphemy here. You have up-graded a post war Varney box car to a level good for at least 40 years later.

To me that is “Model Railroading” at its best. U remember well the post war era (born in 43) and always felt the Varney box cars were way ahead of the others. Easy o assemble, pieces did not falloff nor did roof ribs slip out-of-place, door guides stayed in place and they looked very good, not only for the 40’s and 50’s but till today depending on your nit level.

Nice job and thanks for posting.

John Hagen


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Ben --


This may border on blasphemy, but I recently had some fun upgrading this Varney steel boxcar "legacy model" with new running boards, ladders, grabs, stirrups, handbrake, etc. -- as well as some paint correction on the door. Best of all -- it even resembles the MoPac prototype (if you don't look too closely).   


Those ads were very enticing in their day, and Varney's steel boxcars have good curb-appeal even today.



Bob Chapman 






Varney freight car ad, January 1954 issue of Model Railroader. 

Ben Hom

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