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Todd Sullivan

You might also look up any dealers in compressed gases.  I worked at a tennis club in Portland OR as the life guard /pool guardian for a summer, and we had bottled chlorine delivered to us more or less monthly to maintain enough in the pool water to kill germs. I'm not sure what other industrial uses there were for chlorine.  I know paper plants consumed a lot, especially for the non-kraft (brown) kinds of paper, but those deliveries went in the 11k gallon ICC 105 pressure insulated cars like the ones Atlas and Kadee make in HO.

BTW, I grew up in Providence RI and attended Henry Barnard School which sat inside the NH's curve that went through the station.  In 3rd grade, I probably spent more time watching trains than the lessons on the board.  Summers were in Matunick, and my Dad would commute down to Kingston often, where we would pick him up after work in Providence.  I remember being cautioned to get behind something at the station when the Merchants Limited came flying through at 60+ with two DL109's on the point.

Much later, I worked on contract at CL&P in New Britain for about 6 months - I was a Service Bureau employee, back when SBC was part of IBM.  I con't recall doing much railfanning while I was there.


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Yeah, there's a siding on the maps in New Britain that's either for New Britain Water Works, or in later years, City of New Britain storeyard. Unfortunately, it didn't quite fit on the layout. It makes me want to go see if I can squeeze it in, though. At the very least, I can have the cars come to the yard, "to be delivered" at a later date. And they'll be on through trains to Hartford, etc. 



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