Re: NKP Consist

Todd Sullivan

Hi Jack,

Binghamton was home to Endicott-Johnson, a shoe manufacturing company that employed about 25,000 people at its height and consumed tons of hides.  The Erie RR tracks through neighboring Johnson City and Endicott were lined with E-J factory buildings, and even today in that area, any name that has 'E' and 'J' in it probably was associated with the company, e.g., the EnJoy Country Club.  Ever heard of Ena-Jetic Shoes?  That was an E-J brand.

There's lots more to the E-J story.  George F. Johnson, E-J's leader for many years, had a policy of respecting people, which helped grow the company and the region.  His "Square Deal" (a fair day's pay for a fair day's work) helped FDR create his "New Deal", and many of Johnson's ethics and policies were adopted by IBM's Thomas J. Watson Sr.  E-J workers who came from all over Europe would send money to their families back home so they could come to Binghamton and get jobs at E-J.  Immigrant families would arrive in New York and the only English they know was "Which way E-J?"  The Binghamton area today is still shows much more hospitality and respect to people than any other area in the Northeastern U.S. that I have experienced, and one's ethnic and cultural background is to be celebrated rather than be a reason to compete.

Todd Sullivan.

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