Re: Throwback Tuesday: Varney Metal Freight Car Kits

Gary Ray


Great job for an 11 year old (or anyone)!  Has held up well over the years.

Gary Ray


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Hello Everyone,

I have enjoyed the memories on this thread! My first model, 1953, was plastic SFRD reefer. As I recall, a yellow and black body shell, underframe, and trucks. Not difficult for a 10-year-old. My father, in Korea, had suggested we start thinking about a model RR. The nest year, the family together in Japan, my first scratch build: a Jack Armstrong (have I got that right?) strathmoor freight house from plans in MR. The reefer is gone, but the freight house endures and here is this morning's photo. The finish shows the strong influence of John Allen on this beginner and look at all those hand laid shingles!! 


Eric Lombard


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